Chemicals Make Up Everything In The Ordinary World

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1. Pressure forces molecules of carbon dioxide to mix with water molecules until a can or bottle of soda is opened. Once the seal is broken, the carbon dioxide is allowed to escape because the pressure is released. This creates bubbles, or fizz.
2. Chemicals make up everything in the ordinary world, things we see and touch on an everyday basis. They are found in your liquid soap, the wood of your cabinets, and the utensils in your kitchen. Everything we eat or drink is composed of some sort of chemicals.
3. Chemists seek to understand the connection between things such as atoms and molecules and the life we live each and every day. They want to know why certain things are the way they are. They use a technique known as the scientific method to figure out the world we live in.
4. Matter is made up of molecules, so its behavior is determine by the behavior of its atoms and molecules. When water freezes, it expands because the distance increases between the molecules of water.
5. Chemistry can be defined as a physical science that deals with the structure and properties of substances, with the atomic and molecular changes that they go through.
6. Chemistry explains processes that happen in front of our eyes without our realizing, with everything being composed of atoms and molecules. We learn why the sky is blue, why things are liquids, and even cooler, relevant things like pouring baking soda on battery acid will prevent it from eating away your concrete.
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