Chemistry and At-home Work Area Essay

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1 When must goggles be worn in the lab or during an at-home experiment? I should wear goggles in the lab area all the time even if I am not doing any work.

2 Why are eating and drinking prohibited in the lab or your at-home work area? Because foods or drinks may interact with chemical materials and there is chance of contamination.

3 If you injure yourself in the laboratory, what should you do? No matter how slight, call the instructor immediately.

4 Why should lose hair, clothing, and jewelry be restrained while you are performing an experiment? Preventing them catching on fire, or becoming contaminated with any chemicals.

5 Describe an appropriate at-home work area for experimentation? A well prepared, well organized and neat working area.

6 Why must shoes be worn at all times while performing an experiment? Preventing there are broken glasses or spilled chemicals on the ground.

7 What should you do if you spill chemicals on the lab table or your at-home work area? Cleaning up the spill chemicals immediately to avoid contamination.

8 How should a water bath be prepared at home? Using a clean glass container designed for use in the microwave and keeping the water hot.

9 What precautions should be taken with hot glassware in the laboratory and at home? Do not place hot glassware directly onto a counter top.

10 How should you dispose of the following? a Acids and bases: Flushing them down the drain with large amounts of water. b Aqueous solutions: Flushing them down the drain with large amounts of water. c Small amounts of soluble solids: Flushing them down the drain with large amounts of water. d Large amounts of soluble solids or insoluble solids: Should be discarded in the appropriate waste container provided. e Broken glass: Should be discarded in the designated waste container provided. f Flammable liquids: Should be placed into specially marked bottles, but not in the sink.

11 Why should you never place chemicals directly on balance pans? We need keep the balances clean and some chemical materials are had to remove.

12 Why should you always use a rubber bulb to pipet a liquid? The possibility of getting a toxic chemical into