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My Rating: / First walking into the exhibit, viewers will most likely feel awestruck and likewise, bewildered. Aaron Curry’s art has a very unique and abstract style, with his structures ranging from being no taller than a few inches off the ground, to massive structures more than three times as tall as the average human being. “Melt to Earth” is currently on display around the Revson Fountain on Josie Robertson Plaza, located in Lincoln Center. The 14 metal structures are exhibited in a circle with various colors, designs and shapes. Aaron Curry’s tallest structure is the one of his most prominent pieces, towering above the others. It consists of assorted colors such as blue, green, yellow, purple and orange. The structure has a peculiar design and has little to no correlation in similarity of everyday objects in terms of shape. In fact, most if not all of Mr. Curry’s sculptures bear almost no resemblance to anything. One particular structure was somewhat unseen and unnoticed. It was a completely flat structure, shaped somewhat like a leaf and was no higher than a few inches of the ground. It was colored green and bore Aaron Curry’s signature: A. Curry. For me, this structure struck me as the most aesthetically pleasing out of the 14 structures. Although its shape and design is fairly simplistic, I really loved how Curry used veins on the structure and made it look like, in my opinion, a leaf. I felt that albeit Curry’s style is obviously abstract, his leaf-like structure gave viewers a break from his overall abstract style. Another structure’s design stood out to me from the others. The structure was very angular with sharp edges and an overall triangular shape. Parts of the structure was sparsely spray-painted with varying shades of blue. In contrast to the other pieces, this structure’s relationship to the ground plane was very different. Most of Curry’s structures are stood up with a circular/angular base, however this structure had neither. Instead, it is held up by four points touching the ground. The purposeful and deliberate design of the base is what makes me feel like Curry did an excellent job in making it a unique and exquisite piece of art. Overall, I also felt that most, if not all of Aaron Curry’s artwork had very high levels of entropy in definition of shape. Almost all of his structures are unrecognizable and brightly colored, and I thought that was what made his artwork so prominent in their surroundings. After briefly interviewing an anonymous viewer that had no extensive background in art of any kind, they commented: “It’s different, really different. I mean you never really see this kind of art. Most people will probably picture a very