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The mediastinum is ______.

The hand is ________ to the shoulder. superior proximal distal medial

In anatomical position, the hand is distal to the shoulder. This means that the hand is further from the trunk of the body compared to the shoulder.

Part A Which specific body cavity houses the heart and lungs? dorsal pericardial abdominopelvic thoracic

The thoracic cavity contains the pericardial and pleural cavities, which in turn house the heart and lungs, respectively.

What is the role of the serous membranes covering some organs?
 to prevent friction between the organ and body cavity wall
 to provide passage of nutrients for the organ tissues
 to provide a protective outer covering for the organ
 to serve as extra tissue for blood flow to the organ

The two serous membrane layers are separated by a cavity containing serous fluid. This fluid allows organs to slide without friction across the cavity walls and one another as they carry out their routine functions.

A Which directional term is used to describe the relationship of the skin relative to the skeletal muscles? superficial medial lateral deep

The skin covers the outside of the body, thus, it is superficial, or external, to the skeletal muscles.

Which of the following statements is correct? The chin is caudal to the umbilicus. The umbilicus is caudal to the chin. The umbilicus is medial to the chin.