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Chemistry Homework Chapter 4: #2-30 even

2. The properties of light are measurable characteristics of frequency and wavelength. Light produces particle like properties when it is absorbed and emitted by matter.

4. The colors of light in visible spectrum in order of increasing frequency are: violet- 380-450nm, blue- 450-495nm, green- 495-570 nm, yellow- 570-590 nm, orange- 590-620 nm, red- 620-750 nm

6. Wavelength and frequency of electromagnetic radiation are related because c= f x l. Energy and frequency of electromagnetic radiation are related because E = hc/L. Energy and wavelength of electromagnetic radiation is related because E = hf.

8. An electron in its ground state means that it is exactly where its naturally supposed to be in the atom. In the excited state, the electron absorbs energy and moves up an orbital therefore it is not where it is naturally found. The excited state is only temporary.

10. 7.05 x 10^16 Hz

12. Using the 2 equations E = hv and c = (wavelength) v, an equation derived expressing E in terms of h, c, and wavelength, so v = c x 1λ, E= hv, E = hc x wavenumber.

14. 3x10^20/sec

16. Principal quantum number has the symbol n. It tells which energy level an electron is in. Shells are energy levels of the electrons.

18. For each of the values of N, the numbers and sublevels possible for the main energy level are: n = 1 : 1 level of s , n = 2 : has 2 sublevels s and p , n = 3 : has 3 sublevels: s p and d , n = 4 : has 4 sublevels s p d f , n = 7 : has 7 sublevels s p d f g h i. S holds 2 electrons, p holds 6 electrons, d holds 10 electrons, f holds 14 electrons, g holds 18 electrons, h holds 22 electrons, I holds 26 electrons.

20. The relationship between n and the total number of orbitals in a main energy level because N is principle quantum number and indicates the main energy level n must be a whole positive number. Total orbits contained in the 3rd main energy level are 18 electrons. Total orbits contained in the 5th main energy level are 50 electrons.

22. Electrons contained in the following main energy levels with n equal to the number provided: 1: 2 electrons, 3: 18 electrons, 4: 32 electrons, 6: 72 electrons, 7: 96 electrons.