Essay on Chemistry: Performance and Lady Gaga

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Expressive theory of art

An artist expresses his or her feeling through his or her art. When that work of art arouses same feeling in the audience that when an art work is considered expressive theory of art. Lady Gaga can express feeling through her vocals; this can be done by producing a tone from your vocal cords that evokes specific emotion in the audiences. This can be observed in her song called “APPLAUSE”. In this song through her vocals expresses the emotion of desire; the desire of appreciation and the desire of recognition. Where as Sun Ra’s music evokes negative emotion against his art in the audience. This can be observed in any of his song which include “space is place” if you were to listen to the song you would just want to shut it down and abandon his art because his music has no synchronization of instrument it has no rhythm, which evoke many negative emotion such as anger and hate towards his music. Lady Gaga can express emotion through her visuals of dramatic act on stage or in her music video. She has expressed feeling of pressure by here acting at 2009 MTV Music Awards, she did this by here expression of the face that showed sense of intensity and rush. She did all her dancing moves and instrument playing in a rush, at the end of the act she had blood coming out of her body but still continued to perform. This expresses the pressure a person feels on his shoulder when he or she wants to succeed. But when you look at Sun Ra’s performances the…