Chemistry Studies Essay

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Chemistry Studies

By Shomari Francis

In our class we have been studying chemistry, there are five main different

chemistry studies. Those chemistry studies are: combustion and photosynthesis, the pH

studies, structure of matter, periodic table, and the limestone cycle. Here is a summary on

In the beginning of our chemistry studies we were working on combustion and

photosynthesis. In this study we burned a variety of plant materials; as a result we created

combustion. In order to find out what photosynthesis was we had to examine how a plant

grows; we drew a plant and labeled the following: light, warmth, air, scent, minerals, and

water. As a result we figured out that photosynthesis is a build up of substance.

The next chemistry study we did was the pH studies. This had to do with acidic,

base and neutral matters. A way of testing to see a matters pH is by putting the matter in

a test tube of some sort with water and blowing into it with a straw. After blowing into it

for about 5 min. you can start to see some results, usually if it is on the darker side (blue)

it means it is more basic and if it is more light it is acidic (red is extremely acidic).

Another chemistry study we did was the structure of matter. This study was my

favorite and this was basically because I thought compounds, atoms (protons, neutrons

and electrons) and elements (especially) were interesting. I thought it was interesting in