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Lab on Monday!!!!
Make sure to bring proper clothing (Pants, closed shoes, no contacts, etc.)
1 table = 1 (side of) paper!
Part II.

I - Title: Melting Temperature of a Solid

II - Purpose: To observe a change of state while identifying a pure unkownk solid while learning the proper use of:
Bunsen Burner
Ring Stand
Observe a change state, A physical change while carefully making Quantitative and Qualitative observations.
III Procedure:
Significant changes to manual
Come in, obtain a bunsen burner, A ring stand, wire gauze, Test tube containing a solid w/ a thermometer beaker, 2nd Thermometer, and a Flint
Flint is NOT a TOY it is a TOOL
SAFETY - Hair back!!

Burner Use
Barrel - oxygen supply - close all the way to right, use Gas Valve to control the methane amount. - Close all the way down, then open 1/4th of a turn
Once setup - control the gas at stopcock

Ring Stand Set Up
Place ring over base
SAFETY - Do NOT place to the side or back
Tripod type - Place close to one leg

Test Tube Holder
Check Swivel
Make sure clamped tight to
Appropriate Adjustment to hold JUST BELOW the lip og the test tube
Place test tube carefully out of harms way
Remove test tube off of stand while heating the water bath

Water Bath
Heat the Bath to 60 - 65 degrees Celsius
When at 64 degrees turn off gas and then remove burner
Take temperature of the water - Enter on table (see below)
1 page per table (1 for melting, 1 for freezing.
Place a 400ml beaker 3/4 full of warm tap water,