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Unit 1 Test FRQ Samples
The following are a series of potential FRQ’s that will be on your upcoming test. You are welcome to prepare in advance for each of these. Not all will appear on the test, but all will come from this sample bank. Be sure you are prepared to explain your answers.

FRQ A: (long)
1. Use the photoelectron spectrum below to answer the following questions.


Identify the element that would produce the above spectrum. _______________

b. On the graph above, label each peak with numbers and letter that indicate its associated shell and subshell. c.

On the graph above, indicate the number of electrons that are associated with each peak on the photoelectron spectrum.

d. What is the first ionization energy of this element? Explain how you came to that conclusion.


Discuss whether this photoelectron spectrum supports the shell model or the quantum mechanical model. Justify your answer.

FRQ B: (short)
2. Sr 2+ and Br- are isoelectronic.
a. Which ion has the smaller radius? ___________
b. Explain why the radii of these two ions are different sizes.

FRQ C: (short)
3. The following questions pertain to arsenic.
a. Write the complete ground state electron configuration for arsenic.
b. How many unpaired electrons does arsenic have in its ground state? Justify your answer.


Is a single gaseous arsenic atom paramagnetic or diamagnetic? Justify your answer.

FRQ D: (long)
4. The following questions pertain to the chemical species I and I-.
a. Write the electron configurations for each species.

b. Which species has the largest radius? Justify your answer.

c. Which species would be attracted by a magnetic field? Justify your answer.

d. Explain why the first ionization energy of potassium is less than the first ionization energy of bromine. FRQ E: (short)
5. It was found that a compound contained 53.3% carbon, 11.2%