Philosophy Of Business

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In my generation, millennials have 7 minute attention spans, Kim Kardashian is trying to “break the internet” with her butt, and it’s now perfectly normal to be married with no children. In the midst of these generational changes, business has also been slowly influenced by consumers consumed by social media and viral videos. I think conventional business wisdom is being massively outdated by tech-savvy consumers who demand much more from corporations: quality products, charity, politically correct campaigns, the list goes on. How will I contribute to this paradigm shift? I have endless questions in my mind with no clear answers, but I have this fundamental belief that my intellectual curiosity is my trump card in tackling today’s business challenges.
Throughout high school, I was given opportunities to work with my dad at the annual ASD Gift Show in the Las Vegas Convention Center. These chances allowed me to first handedly experience what it was like to be an entrepreneur. At the trade show, I realized the more I learn about how my dad and his partners did business, the more loopholes and disconnections I found. I was overwhelmed with my excitement that I can potentially make huge business impacts, and that’s when I started to think hard about my path to challenging the status quo.
With a fundamental understanding of social media, I knew my dad was being outpaced due to his weakening marketing strategy. Instead of solely relying on word of mouth and a boring website that might have worked years ago, my dad’s company could do so much more by power of social media and consumers’ knack for technology. I redesigned the website with a modern user interface, connecting with current and potential customers through social media, and taught employees how to sell