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interracial marriage
What do you think that your reactions would be if your sibling or friend introduced their spouse, who happened to be from another race? Would you be taken aback? These years, mixed-color families and couples are common. I have personally seen many cases. intermarry happened in every where ,Even in china where people are proud of five thousand year of history of population, interracial marriages occur. Interracial marriages happen everywhere. the number of interracial marriages has raised up. According to the Census Bureau’s research in 2005, about two million American children come from mixed race families. But still some of people against interracial marriage,because they think white and dark walking down the street holding hands used to be unheard of,It was a relationship that, for the few who engaged in it, was kept as quiet as possible. During the fifties and sixties, interracial dating was not socially acceptable and there were repercussions for those who were involved in such behaviors because various laws. For example , in china still have some people matty wiht different countries people and if i marry with a differen race people my parents will so surpirsed then they will chatter on me say something like this"she can not speaking chinese , hard to communication , differen culuture and so on ,they will say a lot of words to against it. but i want to say Interracial relationships provide individuals with the unique opportunity…