Cherie Cosmetics Essay

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Cherie Cosmetics

Case Analysis

I. Statement of the Problem

How can Cherie Cosmetics improve the operations and marketing of the Elegante division?

How can the communications between the operations department and Elegante division be improved for better coordination?

II. Areas of Consideration

Cherie Cosmetics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the International Cherie Company of New York. The company is directed by Ralph Nolk and has four distinctive product lines each headed by a general manager. Heather King is the general manager of the Elegante Division in Toronto, Canada. Bob Shaw is the Vice President of Operations. Dennis Green, the purchasing manager of operations, is Heather King’s main contact.

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She may be viewed as incompetent and unable to accomplish her responsibilities without depending on Ralph Nolk.

Alternative 2:

Instead of waiting for the response of Bob Knowlton and apology from Dennis Green, Heather King can decide to take matters into her own hands. She can assert herself by confronting Bob Knowlton and Dennis Green about the issues.

By asserting herself, Heather King can have more direct communication and get her point across. Sometimes direct confrontation is difficult because we are afraid of the consequences. The consequences of no communication at all are more costly at this point though.

On the contrary, Bob Knowlton and Dennis Green may not receive her well. Given that she really has no formal power to influence their actions, it may just create hostility.

Alternative 3:

Heather King can communicate the problems during the meeting when everyone, including Ralph Nolk, is present.

She can present the issue in a way that gets everyone involved and concerned with the Elegante division. After all, the Elegante division does affect the company as a whole.

By bringing up the issue to everyone, Heather King will gain the attention her department needs and perhaps illicit the appropriate actions.

On the other hand, if her problems are not communicated tactically, she may not get the response she needs and people will continue to be