Chern Case Chapter 2 Essay

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Chapter 2
9 Strategic Staffing Decisions

1. Do we want a core or flexible workforce?
Chern should develop a core workforce. Their employees should consist of people who are a regular part of the company and understand the importance they play in keeping the business successful and helping it grow. 2. Do we prefer to hire internally or externally?
It would be beneficial to hire both internally as well as externally. Chern should continue to develop and promote their current employees into higher positions within their department based on their level of skills and experience gained over the course of their employment with Chern.
Additionally, it should be recognize that some positions will have a need to be fulfilled
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Talent Philosophy:
Chern will strive to search for the best FIT for the organization and we will ensure that our employees are cared for and valued. We will treat each employee as family and help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to grow and become successful within our business.

Human Resource Strategy
Chern will strive to provide a working environment based on appreciation and respect for our team and develop and support policies to protect the rights of our employees. Chern will provide leadership and direction that will contribute to an individual’s growth and we will provide the training, benefits, tools, and resources required to attract and retain our skilled workforce.

Staffing Strategy
Strategic Staffing is the process of staffing an organization in future-oriented, goal-directed ways that support the business strategy of the organization and enhance its effectiveness. It includes both long & short term goals that include hiring and retaining the right employees. Creating hiring goals will help Chern in their strategic staffing process.
Chern’s main strategy is to provide great customer service to its clientele. Chern’s company has been very successful and has been well known to sell high end expensive products and have excellent customer service. Because customer service is the main part of a business strategy it is important that the sales