Chern Case Study Essay

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Job Requirements Matrix

| | | | | | Job Duty | Tasks | Relative Importance of Job Duty (%) | Relative Time Spent (%) | Competency or KSAO | Importance of KSAO (1 = low, 10 = high) | Customer Service and Collaboration | Cordial to customersSynergize with other employees while maintaining independence of reasoning | 20%11% | 27%13% | Ability to communicate effectively with customers through written and spoken wordsActive listening and persuasive nature | 1010 | Product and Service Awareness | Mitigate guidance and directions to ensure customer satisfactionProvide extended assistance and special services | 29%20% | 27%21% | Monitoring and deductive reasoningRetentive memory and ability to apply information and data effectively
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However, the important category which is full time sales associates, Chern will have a deficit of 60.2 employees from its target goal of 140 full time sales associates. As such, Chern will have to spend additional resources to hire about 60.2 new full time sales associates or convert some part time sales associates to full time sales associates.
The total number of current sales associates is 170 employees while the total number of forecasted sales associates for next year is 115.8 employees which will mean that there will be a deficit of 54.2 sales associate employees.
Thus, Chern’s will have to have a minimum of an initial pool of 1605.926 job applicants in order to fill or exceed its sales associate positions for future years where the number of initial pool of job applicants is total number of deficit in sales associates divided by 0.30*0.15*0.75.
For the external labor research, I chose West Virginia as my state of choice.
In terms of state and national wages, the United States as a whole provides a higher pay either for hourly or yearly sales associates in every percentage breakdown. For example, in the median range, the national pay for hourly and yearly sales associates is $10.10 and $21,000 consecutively while those of West Virginia is $9.25 and $19,200.
The bright spot for Chern’s is that over the coming years, the forecast is that there will always be a positive change in employment and