Chernobyl: Ukraine and Soviet Union Essay

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Chernobyl, Ukraine on an April night in 1986 is a night that no one will forget for years and decades to come. Chernobyl is a Nuclear Power Plant that for the Soviet Union was an outstanding accomplishment, but will be the beginning of the end for them. On this faithful night a routine test was being performed to see if the reactors could handle warfare, and run successfully on back up generators. The test backfired; the reactor explodes and blows the steal roof side ways and releases radiation into the atmosphere. Fire fighters race to the scene without any protection, completely unaware of the lethal doses of radiation that they are breathing in. Radiation sickness sets in, first with puking, thermal and chemical burns, heart failure, damage to the lungs and immune systems. 69 fire fighters went in that night and 31 died. No one understood the eminent dangers that are to come, and it doesn’t help that the Soviet Union kept it hush due to the race with the west in nuclear energy. Infecting everyone in the Ukraine, surrounding towns, and continents. Defects in children will increase an outstanding 250% after Chernobyl. In the video we watched in class there were quite a few shocking physical malformations that broke my heart to see, there was a little four year old girl who had her entire brain outside of her skull, an infant with tumors on his legs, and a little boy with his hands and feet deformed who cannot walk and has to be carried to school everyday but still wants to be a doctor to help other children in need. Chernobyl makes me sick, physically nauseous. How could they keep this a secret from the