Essay on Cherokee and Muskogee Creek Indians

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In 1871 a railroad company called the Missouri Pacific Railroad built a railway between Parsons, Kansas and the Arkansas River just shy of the present Oklahoma town now called Muskogee, Oklahoma. During the construction of the railroad small colonies grew to rather large colonies in a short time. Soon after the bridge over the Arkansas River was completed a rail depot was built called “Muskogee” in honor of the Muskogee Creek Indians. This rail station called Muskogee already had many citizens living in the vicinity along the river. It was 1872 when the official name of the town would be called Muskogee, Oklahoma. This city we call Muskogee, Oklahoma. The first recognition of Muskogee was in 1805. President Thomas Jefferson addressed Congress for a trading post to be erected near the now called Muskogee. Fur traders were already in the area before the Louisiana Purchase and the French already in a nearby village by 1806. The first permanent settlement was in 1817 along the Verdigris River located north of Muskogee. The Five Civilized Tribes relocated to the Southern Indian Territory along the Trail of Tears. The Cherokee and Creek Indians established colonies near Muskogee becoming the Capitol of the Indian Nations in 1836. Following the civil war, the Arkansas River colonized many people long before the land we now call Muskogee was officially named. These colonies consisted of rail road laborers, shop owners, bootleggers, gamblers, boarders, home seekers, peddlers, outlaws and loafers all housed in tents and shacks. The early city government had to be formed and the retailers along the river had to be licensed in order to trade. Soon after army forts were built and deputy Marshalls placed to enforce the new city’s laws. The young city had grown at a rapid rate. By 1874 the Five Civilized Tribes had combined their offices into a single agency and headquartered in the new city of Muskogee. This became known as the capitol of Indian Territory. Improvements needed to be made to this fast growing city and there was no official authority to get money by taxation so voluntary contributions had to be made. There was a problem with a water supply and the company that brought the water in to serve the shops was over loaded. There had to be more water available to serve the high demand for water from the railroad and the rest of the city. Enough money was raised to build a pond of approximately twenty acres which was named “Katy Pond” then became the city’s sole source for public water. In 1856 the first Masonic lodge in Muskogee was created but soon after was relocated to Eufaula due to a suitable lodge could not be obtained in the Muskogee area. The Presbyterians established a church and was headed by Reverend Timothy Hill with the Methodist