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A Middle Range Theory of
Postpartum Depression:
Analysis and Application by Jennifer R. Marsh, RN BSN

Abstract: This paper examines Cheryl
Tatano Beck’s middle range theory of postpartum depression: Teetering on the
Edge. Concepts and definitions of the theory are outlined, as well as assumptions and propositions. The postpartum depression theory is further examined and evaluated in its relation to the field of nursing, its applicability to practice, and author’s scope of practice.
Keywords: postpartum depression, Beck, pregnancy, Middle Range

For over 20 years, Cheryl Tatano Beck has focused her research on postpartum mood disorder and anxiety. In 1993,
Beck published her middle range theory on postpartum
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During this process, mourning lost time occurs as the realization that moments lost with their infant cannot be recaptured. Often, recovery does occur but is guarded due to the feeling of a lingering presence of depression as though anticipating it to strike again (Beck, 1993).
Beck has continued to develop and affirm her theory through subsequent research, analysis, and literature reviews throughout the years. Upon further investigation and design,
Beck has formed screening tools (Postpartum Depression
Screening Scale and Postpartum Depression Inventory
System) along with propositions that correlate with the four stage process of PPD (Beck, 2002). Beck categorized 22 key propositions of postpartum depression theory which consists of concepts that include risk factors, symptoms, and predictors (See Figure 2). It is not anticipated that women will experience all 22 concepts; thus, the elements within the continued on next page

Figure 2. Beck’s Twenty-two Key Propositions
Related to Postpartum Depression

Stage 3
Amid stage 3, women struggle to survive and often times find it difficult to participate in the daily requirements of life. While in the midst of Struggling to Survive, women

Volume 28 Number 4 October 2013 | International Journal of Childbirth Education | 51

A Middle Range Theory of Postpartum Depression continued from previous page concepts are formidable in that a concept can stand alone
(Beck, 1996; Beck,