Cheyney Group Design And Development: Leading The Innovation In High-Technology

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Cheyney Group Design and Development:
Leading the Innovation in High-Technology
Creativity develops well in the midst of nature’s rustic and unspoiled beauty, at least for some people. It has been that way for Cheyney
Design and Development which has valued the idyllic beauty of the
South Cambridgeshire countryside. Anyone who has read Jane Austen, particularly Pride and Prejudice, knows how the surroundings can have a tremendous effect on the thinking and behaviour of people. And just reading about it can even evoke a sense of restful joy that draws out the creative juices in one’s mind.
For 26 years, Cheyney Design and Development had its base of operations within such an environment. Now, it is a bit surprising then when we realize the group has been actually involved in current research in “a number of innovative technology areas, involving X-rays, microwaves and visible light spectra”. Yes, creativity is not the sole property of visual artists, architects or musicians, as traditionally perceived. Creativity, because it involves the human imagination, is a common process utilized even by scientists, manufacturers and entrepreneurs. The fruits of any person or group’s creativity can only be gleaned through an in-depth measurement or evaluation of the results of their creative work. The team at Cheyney Group has been “behind numerous challenging inspection applications, including very-low-energy x-ray techniques, high-speed visual inspection and precision measurement of automotive, aerospace and military components”. The applications of such high-tech design innovations are beyond the awareness of most people who benefit from their use only indirectly or even directly through products or