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Carlos Azuara
Fine Arts Class
Period 7/8
Fine Arts Gallery Attendance Paper Today I went to the Art Institute of Chicago. I went with just my brother and my mom. This is the second or third time I have been here. I enjoyed going because I have a big interest in art and I loved to see the many different works that they had on display. Art Work #1
Credit Line
John Chamberlain, Toy
1961, steel, paint and plastic
136 x 98 x 77.5 cm
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

From what I see it looks like a bunch of plastic and metal bunched up and smashed together and somewhat molded. It is a sculpture in the round and some of the things I can see what was used to make it are scrap metal, plastic bags, a pipe, and a slip-and-slide at the bottom.

There are colors of blue, green, red, yellow, and grey. The shape of all the clutter is organic. Curved and zigzag lines dominate the sculpture. It looks like it has really rough texture as you can see the roughness such as bumps and divots in the scrap metal and plastic that looks like they have been through better times. I see no specific subject and no sense of balance, rhythm, or pattern. The sculpture is unified by having everything cluttered up and smashed together. There is a variety in the different metals and plastics in the work.

This is a unique kind of sculpture. It is basically a bunch of junk molded together. I am not sure what the artist meant while making this sculpture but I believe he made it because he wanted to create something different and like no other. Maybe he was trying to convey that there is art and beauty in everything and you just have to look at it a different way, making the sculpture look different in all different angles.

I think this work is so valuable because it is unique and the first of its kind. I think that a work like this could encourage other artists to bring out their creativity and create something new and strange looking unlike any other. Some people may say this is not art and other may say it is. Something so creative can be created by using things one might find at a junkyard and doesn’t take much skill to make. Although, not much skill is needed to be able to create an amazing work of art. Art Work #2
Martin Puryear, Sanctuary
1982, pine, maple, and cherry
320 x 61 x 45.7 cm
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

This is a sculpture in the round that is made up entirely of wood. There is a wheel and axel at the bottom with two long branches attached to it reaching upward with a small wooden box resting at the top of it.

The entire sculpture is brown because it is made out of wood. There is a mix of geometric and organic form to this as there is a box at the top and a wheel at the bottom while there is two long branches in between which adds variety. The branched are curved lines.