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In this performance review, I would like to talk about some thoughts I learnt from the visit to the Chicago Fashion Exhibition held in the Art Institute of Chicago this year. Different from my last performance review work, in which I addressed marketing management extensively, I will focus on facility and operational management I learnt from this performance this time.

By definition, facility and operational management is a series of processes within an organization to maintain and develop a unified service to support and improve the effectiveness of a certain activity. Even though they are not the primary activity, they do play a critical role in arts activities. With the development of arts industry, arts performance becomes more and more complicated and is difficult to ensure that all the attendee could fully enjoy it. Therefore, good facility and operational management skills are needed to make arts activity operate smoothly.

Every year, over tens of thousands of audience flows into the Art Institute of Chicago to watch the Chicago Fashion Exhibition. I was impressed by how such a big event was organized and operated smoothly in my visit there. First, the Art Institute of Chicago is located at Michigan Avenue, which is easy to get access to, no matter where you come from. It is pretty easy to locate this place since the institute is so well-known and there is lots of ways to get there. Parking is convenient since there is enough space there. Valets are considerable and always ready to serve for the visitors. Even though the parking lots are busy, they still can well…