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Style Guide for Bibliographies and Footnotes

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Based on The Chicago Manual of Style, 74th ed. [Z253 .U69 1993}.

This guide lists examples using the documentary-note or humanities stylt. If you need additional help or would like to use the author-date system, there are copies of the Manual available af the following libraries: Suzzallo, Odegaard
Undergraduate, Architecture, ~ter Business, Engineering, Health ScienT, and P"hysics-Astronomy.

Footnote! Endnote

Type of Entry
Book- 2 Authors

Unwin, Liam P., and J~seph Galloway. Peace in
Ireland. Boston: Sronghope Press, 1990.

1. Liam P. Unwin and Joseph Galloway,
Peace in Ireland (Boston: Stronghope Press,
1990), 193.

Book- More than 3 Authors

Marcus, Charlotte, Jer~me Waterman, Thomas
Gomez, and Eliza '· th DeLor. Investigations into the Phenome' on of Limited-Field
Criticism. Boston:: roadview Press, 1990.

2. Charlotte Marcus et al., Investigations into the Phenomenon of Limited-Field
Criticism (Boston: Broadview Press, 1990),

Book- Corporate Author

International Monetari Fund. Surveys of
African Econom~~: Vol. 7, Algeria, Mali,
Morocco, and Turi;.1sia. Washfngton, D.C.:
International Mon¥tary Fund, 1977.

3. International Monetary Fund, Surveys of African Economies, vol. 7, Algeria, Mali,
Morocco, and Tunisia (Washington, D.C.:
International Moqetary Fund, 1977).


Edited Book

Tortelli, Anthony B., e4. Sociology Approaching the Twenty-first,Cc;htury. Los Angeles: Peter and Sons, 1991. \'


4. Anthony B. Tortelli, ed., Sociology
Approaching the Twenty-first Century (Los
Angles: Peter and Sons, 1991).

Chapter from Book

Phibbs, Brendan. "Herr~isheim: Diary of a
Battle." In The Other Side ofTime: A
Combat Surgeon in World War II. Boston:
Little, Brown, 1981~






5. Brendan Phibbs, "Herrlisheim: Diary of a Battle," in The Other Side of Time: A
Combat Surgeon in World War II (Boston:
Little, Brown, 1987), 117-63.

Type of Entry


Footnote I Endnote

Journal Article
(paginated by issue)

Bellworthy, Cartright C.. 'Reform of Congressional
Remuneration." Poli ical Review 7, no. 6 (1990):

6. Cartright C. Bellworthy, "Reform of
Congressional Remuneration," Political Review 7, no. 6 (1990): 93-94.

Journal Article
(continuous pagination)

Robertson, Noel. "The frian Migration and