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Joshua Gonzalez 10/31/13

During the American Revolution, the continental congress framed our first constitution. This was called “The Articles of Confederation”. After the American Revolution it was quickly determined that these Articles were weak and reserved too much power to the individual states. So in 1787, fifty-five delegates came together in Philadelphia to draft a new constitution. This would require a number of compromises that will be discussed in my paper. The Virginia plan was for the larger states. It was a plan presented by delegates from Virginia at the constitutional convention; called for a three-branch government Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, With a bicameral legislature in which each state membership would be determined by its population or its financial support for the central government. The New Jersey plan was presented as an alternative to the Virginia plan at the constitutional convention; called for a unicameral legislature in which each state would be equally represented. It was for the small states they also wanted three branches of government, a bicameral legislature. But the wanted to be equal and have one vote. The Connecticut (Great) Compromise was an agreement during the constitutional convention that congress should be composed of a senate; in which states would be represented equally, and a house, in which representation would be based on a state’s population. The 3/5