Chicano Cultural Renaissance Essay

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Review the conquered generation (1848­1900)
○ names of the town are familiar
○ the mexican people were already here they came with the land
○ we talked about there experienced and being an orphan of war
The Immigrant Generation (1900­1930)
○ cheap immigrant workforce (carlos & Ibarra )
○ De Facto and de riguer discrimination
■ mexicans were treated like blacks and asian
■ the treaty of guadalupe hildalgo supposedly said they were going to be considered as whites
○ cheap immigrant labor to the southwest from mexico
■ they would later out number the people who were here since the 1840’s Barrios & Barrio­ization (Villa)
○ these neighbor hood are always in the worst parts of town and have the worst pollution( environmental racism)
○ Environmental racism
○ segregated to the barios
○ mexicans worked the worst jobs for the worst wages (mexican jobs and wages)
○ mexicans took on a second class and being became a some what derogatory word ■ routinely discrimminated
■ it was an insult to be called mexican
○ ideology: a shared system of meanings
■ shaped by historical moments
■ ideology rests on the political and economic system looks affects how the cultural system looks
■ ideology is always changing because the political and econ system are always changing
○ Historical Moment
○ Constant flux
Cultural texts
○ latino food, music, religious practices, popular pratices
○ racist stereotypes/attitudes that persist in culture (casta system, Lone star)
○ Ideology of Manifest Destiny
○ Houchen House & Americanization
○ Folk heroes: Los ninos Heroes, San Patricious, Gregoria Cotez
○ stereotypes­ archetypes

Resistance and Negotiation

to power the mexican­american generation are those coming of age during 1930­50’s they went thru Hoochen house know english like american music encounter racism and segregation and thats the opposite of what is promised to them at school they see the contradiction create their own styles to dress, music, language they’re high schoolers and dont have the social power to fight back and don’t know the have the rights
○ they resist thru culture
○ turn to culture as a way to resist because they dont have the economic power or political power
1943 zut siut riots
○ happen after the japanese interment
○ they target the young because they look different and talk different
○ they were beat and stripped of there clothes
○ AF and asian were also confronted
○ this is going to leave a mark on the culture
Chicano Movement
○ was a diversity of movements
○ lead by chicanos for chicanos
○ a bunch of big and little movements that made up the chicano movement
○ mexican­american generation 1930­40’s
■ LULAC ­ was based off of the treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo
■ American GI forum ­ believed you could change or correct the system from within.
● but didnt wanna wait for change they wanted it now so they were serious about the movement
■ Chicano Cultural Renaissance
● chicano used to be a derogetory word and was turned in something good

Bless Me Ultima was considered the first mexican novel came out of the chicano cultural renaissance going to use it to reflect what the chicano were thinking about during the 60’s

The Farmworkers Movement
● Labor rights are civil right
○ you cant fight racial just at the same time your fighting for economic justice

● Ceasar E Chavez and Dolores Huerta
● Great Grape Boycott
○ being paid too little and went on strike
○ philipinos and mexicans came together
○ mexican and phillipinos were pitted together against each other by the whites El Teatro Campesino
● was a threatre made by the farmer worker groups
● would perform on the picket lines or on flatbed trucks

Skits First Skit
● rich rancher connected with money Last Skit
● about soldier
● Shows the struggle that immigrants had during the time period
● no power against