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Born to Run Jamal King was born to run. All he ever did was run track. When he didn't a have track meet he would go to his favorite place to run, Jamal's favorite place was a 300 yd field and run five laps around the whole thing. One morning Jamal woke up and went to the field and there was a fence around the whole thing and the fence said NO TRESPASSING. Jamal went home balling out tears. Jamal found his first dog Sparky and would sometimes go there and run and play with his dog Sparky. That's also where Jamal first heard about track. So Jamal quit track and said "I should play a different sport." Jamal tried soccer and said no I can't play this. Then he went to football tryouts at his Middle school and didn't make the team. So he went to Basketball tryouts and made 6 out of 8 three pointers and he said I can still run. Jamal made the cut and he was so happy that he could run again. Jamal started out at Point Guard and was already a star. He led his District in assists, points, rebounds, and steals. He led his team to a undefeated season going 10-0. But in the first game of the playoffs he struggled but he still had 6 assists and 21 points. In the second game the game before the championship, Jamal made a huge comeback down by 13 points then his teammates got 4 points and then Jamal got 2 three pointers to tie the game. It was 65-65 then the opponents got a three pointer which made the game 68-65. Jamal ran as hard as he could down the court he shot a three pointer and he missed but he got fouled. Jamal went up to the line, he shot his first shot and made it. He shot his second shot and made it. He shot his third shot and missed, but he got the rebound and threw the ball up and the ball went in. The crowd went wild Jamal was going to the Championship, which was played in Miami at the Heat stadium. In the Championship Jamal had 33 points, 10 assists, 4 steals, 6 rebounds and was still losing 67-56. But Jamal didn't give up he stole the ball ran down the court and dunked the ball nobody could do that in his league but he had the hops to get up there he really wanted to win the game. So the score is now 67-59.The opponents name was the Hokies and Jamal's team was the Cyclones. The Hokies shot a 3 pointer and missed Jamal got the rebound and passed it to his teammate and his teammate scored a 3 pointer then the score was then 67-62.Jamal's teamate got fouled and shot his free-throw