Chicken: Chicken Fried Steak and Steak Essay

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How To Make Chicken Fried Steak

Do you want to know how to make chicken fried steak with fresh cream gravy? Making chicken fried steak is simple! To perform this process there are only a few simple steps to follow. When the steps are performed correctly, you will have a crispy crust and a sensationally perfect steak in the middle. Now follow these directions below to create your own chicken fried steak and gravy.
You will need two cast iron skillets that are about three inches in height, which is available at almost any grocery store. While at the store go ahead and grab a five pound bag of flower, a dozen large eggs, forty-eight ounces of vegetable oil, and sixteen ounces of cornstarch, sea salt, milk, black pepper, original bacon, and tenderized cubed steak. Also grab three twenty-eight ounce mixing bowls for battering your steak.
First step is to start with making sure you have a clean and spacious area to work. Second step is to start making the gravy. Grab the bacon and go ahead and start frying it up in one of the two skillets. The bacon should be cooked to your preference since the bacon is not being used in the gravy. All you need is the grease from it to make the perfect cream gravy for the steaks. Remove the bacon from the pan and add about a cup of flour to the grease while stirring for about a minute. Now make sure the burner is turned down to low to medium heat and then pour in a cup of milk and stir until it thickens. Make sure you salt and pepper to taste and now the gravy is ready to be set aside.
Step three, take one of the bowls and fill it half full with cornstarch and add about a table spoon of sea salt, while stirring. Now grab another bowl and crack open six eggs and scramble until well mixed. Next, get the last bowl and fill it with around three fourths of a cup of flower and a table spoon of pepper, stir well.
Step four, pour the oil two inches high into the iron skillet and let it get to about 375 degrees. Make sure you check with a kitchen approved…