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Both are Dystopian
- Both present drug use as a state-sanctioned method of behavior control
- Both have protagonists of the "anti-hero" vein
- Neither protagonist is comfortable with current societal norms.

- CWO ends by having the protagonist return to his "natural" state (i.e. non-conforming). 1984 ends by having the protagonist conform.
- CWO portrays Government as existing to service Society, 1984 depicts Society as existing to serve Government
- CWO portrays Government as unwilling to use extremes to produce conformity, 1984 portrays Government as willing to go to any extreme to produce conformity. sdfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfsdfThe United States have pieces and parts of different governments. However the two governments that are the most similar to them are oligarchy and democracy. The reason I say that is because there are two political parties republicans and democrats. The democrats represent democracy because their main interest is for the poor. The republicans represent oligarchy because their main interests are for the wealthy.
The republicans are basically an oligarchy and their people are the PAC (political action committee). What the PAC do is receive and raise money for a “restricted class”. This class is mainly consisting of managers and shareholders in the case of a corporation, and the members in the case of funds to candidates for federal office. Contributions from corporate or labor union are illegal, even though they are sponsored by PAC. Additionally, it is still illegal even if they provide financial support for its administrations and fundraising. Under federal law, PACs can spend as much money as they want on independently for a candidate campaign. This means they can do activities which can help a candidate or hurt him but not attack him/her in some way.
In 2010 the republicans made something called the Super PAC which was the new political committee. With this they could raise unlimited sums from corporations, unions and other groups, as well as individuals. The groups can attack candidates that they were not allowed to do in the past. Another thing that helped republicans is leadership PACs because they supported candidates. Something they supported is travel,