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The Manning Brothers Have you ever had a sibling? Let alone have to compete against one another on the football field? Many have tried to compare these two brothers and their skills but many have fallen short in the similarity column. The Manning brothers have both had distinct and memorable careers up to this point but they have both very similar and different football careers. To start, there are many differences between these two individuals’ careers, but I would like to focus on their similarities first. Both Peyton and Eli were born in New Orleans, Louisiana to Olivia and NFL quarterback Elisha “Archie” Manning III. Also both brothers were drafted in the first round, first pick of their respective draft class. They both have made several super bowl appearances and have been voted the MVP in the super bowl. They also have been invited to the Pro Bowl on more than one occasion. On the other hand, these two brothers have many differences such as the fact that they both play for different college teams and NFL teams. Eli played at the University of Mississippi while Peyton played at the University of Tennessee. NFL wise Eli was drafted to the New York Giants and is still currently there while Peyton was drafted to the Indianapolis Colts and currently plays for the Denver Broncos. Eli has had 3 Pro Bowl appearances, 2 Super Bowl wins along with 2 Super Bowl MVP awards. While Peyton has had 12 Pro Bowl appearances, 1 Super Bowl win, and 1 Super Bowl MVP award. They