Chilaquiles: Maize and Green Peppers Essay

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Chilaquiles We all have a favorite dish or food we love to eat, unfortanly we can’t always have it because our bodies needs different types of nutrients from different foods. One of my favorite dishes happens to be a Mexican dish call Chilaquiles . Chilaquiles are fried tortillas with green or red sauce. I prefer them with the green one. They’re with fried onions as well. On top of them is the sour cream parmesan gated cheese and lettuce.
These are the ingredients you’ll need to make green chilaquiles: one big silver onion, one and one-half of tortillas from El Milagro, seven large green peppers and three small thin green peppers, salt, Knorr chicken flavor bouillon, corn oil(any brand), one piece of garlic, ten green tomato dices, sour cream(any brand) parmesan cheese, and lettuce. First of all, grab seven large green peppers, three small thin green peppers and ten green tomato dices wash them. While, washing them take of the tail of all the green peppers and the skin from all the green tomato dices. After, put them in hot water to boil and to make them soft. Meanwhile while, waiting for the peppers and tomato dices to boil. Cut the sliver onion into big rounded and thin circles. Next, put a pan on the stove and pour ¼ of a cup of corn oil. Let the corn oil warm up, once it’s hot and starting to make bubbles put the cutter onions carefully not to get splash from the hot oil. After, putting the tortillas in the hot pan with the hot oil let them get fried. Immediately; start cutting all the tortillas into little squares. When they’re all cut, drop them into the pan with the onions so they get fried as well. Move them around so all of them get oil on them. By the way, check in the peppers and tomato dices if they’re already soft. If they are take them out and put them in a different container where you can put hot food, let them cool down before putting them in the milkshake machine. While, I wait for them to cool off check if the tortillas are somewhat fried and ready for the sauce. If they are I turn off the stove and continue making the sauce.

Put half of the green peppers and half of the tomato dices in the milkshake machine and mix them until its puree. Do the same with the rest of the remaining peppers and tomato dices but this time put a piece of…