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In church I normally talk to people on the basic of one to one. Some people love to talk about what they are going through and some, what they are planning to do. But we have some of the people who are comfortable speaking to the other leaders. On the second Sunday on the month in January one particular lady come to me and shared with me what she said she had never shared with anybody in her life. She said this inner pain has been in her since she was six years old. She explained how she was sexually abused by her uncle and was warned not to mention anything to anybody. This went on for four years until she threaten her uncle that she was going to tell her mother if he was not going to stop. Her mother was busy working to make ends meet for her and her siblings. She indeed managed to put a stop but she never knew that what happened to her at that younger age would be something tormenting her everyday. She said she would remember it every day of her life, and the more she thought about it the more she felt bad about it.

Her experience explained to me about her attitude around people. She was always on her own and would not want to mingle with other people. I spoke to her by relating to Joyce Myers incident, where her own father was the one who abused her but she choose to forgive her father and move on. She told me she never thought that she would share it with anybody but it was destroying her from the inside. I met with her counselling her and praying for healing and also talking to her about forgiving. This was not easy, as she thought nobody would believe her story after many years.

I asked her if she would be a help to the other parents, and share her incident so that mothers would be careful with their daughters. She accepted and I gave her chance to testify for few minutes during our ladies meeting in which she did and