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Child Abuse

According to the Child abuse council of Santa Clara County there are several types of child abuse; Physical, Emotional and Sexual. Many cases of child abuse aren’t deliberate acts of violence committed by violent, uncaring parents--rather, child abuse often happens in an instant of unthinking frustration and anger (Child abuse can cause…). There are many different type of child abuse, each type of child abuse comes with its own list of causes and effects some similar.
Physical child abuse is defined as non-accidental trauma or physical injuries caused by beating, kicking, burning, punching or anyway in harming a child. Physical abuse is the most visible form of child maltreatment. Usually the physical abuse comes from a parent or caretaker who disciplines their child in an inappropriate way. A parent or caretaker in anger maybe not be aware of the force that he/she uses when striking a child (American Humane Association). The anger which cannot be controlled by a parent or caretaker is all it takes to shake and inflict permanent brain damage (Child Abuse Can Cause…). There are many other reason and faults to physical abuse such as immature parents, drug or alcohol abusers and lack of parenting (American Humane Association). Physical abuse can lead to damages later in life; health problems, mental illness even death.
The definition of emotional abuse is often difficult and rough; professionals agree that, for most parents, random negative attitudes or actions are not considered emotional abuse. The best of parents have occasions when they have momentarily “lost control” and said hurtful things to their children, failed to give them the attention they wanted or accidentally scared them. (American Humane Association). Children can develop rebellious behaviors or become separated from their parents. When babies or very young children experience emotional abuse it can result in very abnormal behaviors. Later in in life they may develop poor bonding with other people, poor interactive skills with other children. (EMedicineHealth pg 2). These strange behaviors in young children continue as they get older and can transform into other personality or mental disorders that can be difficult, if not impossible to treat.
According to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System, an estimated 9.3 percent of confirmed or substantiated child abuse and neglect cases in 2005 involved sexual abuse. Sexual Child abuse is any forced sexual activity, exposure to sexual stimulation not appropriate for the child's age. Sexual child abuse can include touching sexual offenses, non – touching sexual offenses as well as sexual exploitation. Touching sexual offenses include Fondling; Making a child touch an adult’s sexual organs; and penetrating a child’s vagina or anus no matter how slight with a penis or any object that doesn’t have a valid medical purpose. Non- touching sexual abuse includes things like engaging in rude exposure, exposing