Child Abuse And Child Neglect In The River Valley

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A study by Carolyn (2014) while working on the CASA Project examined the cases of Child Abuse and Child Neglect in the River Valley, along with its impact on their future lives. The study evaluates how these children lose trust, hope, emotions, and face difficulties in their relationships when they grow up. These cases in the River Valley had resulted in an extensive impact to the society affecting the lives of these children, leading to unemployment, increasing cases of domestic violence, and increase in criminal activity.
Child Abuse and Child Neglect are the two separate terms that are associated with the physical and emotional well-being of a child. Abuse refers to the maltreatment of a child. It covers physical, mental, and sexual mistreatment of the kids. Neglect, however, deals with the failure to give proper care to a child. This includes both the physical and psychological conditions.
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According to an unemployment benefit study conducted by the University of Oxford, poverty and unemployment causes an increase in child maltreatment. Statistically, the study shows a 7 percent increase in child neglect associated with families who received unemployment benefits for 55 weeks in comparison to 87 weeks (University of Oxford, 2017). Today, both parents are working more often than the past and the standard of living has gone down. A family’s socioeconomic status (SES) plays a role in the general growth of the family. Families with a low SES have been reported to be most affected psychologically leading to stress and child maltreatment (Patrick, Wrightman, Schoeni & Schulenberg