Child Abuse and Its Many Forms Essay

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Child Abuse and Its Many Forms
Teresa Jones
Liberty University

Child Abuse and has many forms have had an effect on family around the world. Although researchers have analyzed and probed the problem the result is the same. The public is often bombarded with information regarding horrific cases of physical and sexual abuse. Child Abuse is consistence with poverty, recession and economic problems today. There are also studies that deal with the Abuser being either related or a close friend of the family. The psychological effect of abuse children are very real because when children are violate they carry it into adulthood and some not all will start abusing other children. Compared with physical or sexual abuse, emotional maltreatment is more difficult to identify and define, and good epidemiological data are not available. Emotional maltreatment, however, has been slow to achieve recognition as a serious social problem for a variety of reasons. Prompt identification of emotional maltreatment, appropriate intervention and referral, and reporting of concerns to child protective services are essential to the health and well-being of the child.

Child Abuse and Its Many Forms
There is no greater test of a society’s humanity than its treatment of children, our most precious resource (McArthur 2011). The month of April is Child Abuse Prevention month for West Tennessee; a blue bow is hung around trees and on important building around different counties. There is an importance of the safety of our children.
Child Abuse takes on many forms: physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual. Higgins and McCabe noted that there should a difference made between individual who have or has experience a single type of abuse and those who have experienced more than one. Their studies (Higgins, McCabe 2011) studies were based on sample students who reported sexual abuse as a child and adolescence. Women and men whom had multiple maltreatment had difficulties adjusting than those who have had a single incident. Their seems to be a higher level of sexual abuse between “family violence” among female university students. With people who has endured any kind of abuse seems to have a long term adjustment.
Any physicians whom treat a child should be well aware of the signs of child abuse. Johnson thinks that child sexual abuse is worldwide and should be everyone concerns (Johnson, 2004).There is a responsibility for any physicians or anyone in an Authority position to report any such act. A physician role is to react and report and try to prevent child abuse. If he should report and incident while examining the child or if a child makes a statement it should be recorded and question should be asked.

Physical Child Abuse, Neglect and Bruising and Bullying
In order to diagnosis the different types of abuse, documentations, prevention s and reporting needs to take place. Legano, McHugh, and Palusci, they seek to inform the primary care physicians about state knowledge of child abuse, neglect, bruising and bullying. National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS) and the national Incidence Studies of Child Abuse and Neglect (NIS) are the two largest administrative sources that provide information on US annual incident of child maltreatment. Over forty-five states and territories provides information about child abuse, types of maltreatment, child and family factor, and services that are being provided. A victim identifies major forms of Child Maltreatment (CM) whether it’s physical, medical or sexual neglect, and psychological maltreatment.
In 2006, nearly 3.6 million were investigated and 905,000 CM victims identified in NCANDS, translating into national annual incidence of 12.1 cases of cm per 1000 children. In NIS boys and poor children have increased risk for child physical abuse, while the minority does not. Neglect is the failure to thrive. Poverty is the greatest single factor for failure to thrive in the US