Child Abuse Decline

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Child Abuse is a problem that millions of children around the world face. Child abuse destroys relationships between parents and children by severing trust bonds and eliminating any hope for there being a relationship. Children need an adult who they look up to and trust to protect them. The only way these relationships can be mended is if we put an end to child abuse as a whole. On a good note, child abuse is coming closer and closer to becoming resolved based on current trends. Trends suggest that child abuse has declined and is even at its lowest point since 1990. The 2000s may have taken the biggest leap “after a sharp drop in both rate and number of maltreated children (duplicate cases removed) between 2006 and 2007, the number and rate …show more content…
At this rate, child abuse should be almost if not completely nonexistent by the year 2030. In order for us to end the problem once and for all, we have to strike hard on our target audience: adults. Adults are the perpetrators of child abuse and making them see the wrong they've committed, will make them see a different light and hopefully see the evil that they have committed and put an end to it. Our audience isn't just the perpetrators however, our audience is also the adults who don't abuse their children. These adults may be the most useful tools that we can use because these adults will be able to see child abuse in their children's classmates and can directly confront the problem. The parent need to “be objective and supportive. Remember that most parents want to be good parents but may need additional help, encouragement and guidance” [2]. We plan to reach our audience with a combination of digital and print media mainly. The world we live in today is dominated by the internet and technology so the best way to get to our audience would be through the internet. Our campaign is not something that should be taken