Child Abuse Out Line Essay

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Child Abuse

Definition of Child Abuse

The Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or neglect of children by parents, guardians, or others.

The couple is going through a serious problem.
The couple starts to stress out that nothing else matters.
The child can ask a simple question for example; I want my zippy cup mommy or daddy.
For the parents to get the stress out the take out on the children.

Guardians / Family Members

the person taking care of the child just does it because of the money.
The person takes advantage of the child by just using them to do whatever they want.
They child must obey to their orders or the consequences are to be abused.


Many people in daycare do not pay attention to all the children.
Most of the times they leave them crying until they fall asleep by themselves.
Hurt children by hurting them emotionally.

Signs of Physical Abuse

Bruises, welts, burns that cannot be sufficiently explained
Injuries on places where children don't usually get hurt (the back, neck, back of legs, face)
Repeated injuries
Withdrawn, fearful or extreme behavior

Signs of Sexual Abuse

Difficulty walking or sitting
Pain or itching in the genital area
Torn, stained or bloody underclothing
Frequent complaints of stomachaches or headaches
Chronic depression
Feeling threatened by physical contact
Inappropriate sex play or premature understanding of sex
Running away from home

Signs of Emotional Injury

Inability to play…