Child Abuse Persuasive Speech

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I know this may be a long shot but i was told i should give it a try..First off let me start off by saying not for once in a million years do i believe a magical wand is going to get waved and my life will change. With that said that's why every day for the past three years i have been doing everything in my power to fix my life. I was born and raised in foster care i have been in more than 250 foster homes from birth to 18 , my mother did drugs while i was in her so i was placed in foster care at birth. Thank god she didn't give me aids with the numerous problems i was born with. Abuse for me is something that started as early as an infant, I have been through every form of abuse and it's following me through out my adulthood.. I was diagnosed …show more content…
I was raped at 12 and the foster care system took him at birth due to age, my second is Syniah(7) she has been with her grandma for 3 almost 4 years due to my situation..(it's killing me) my third(3) i did an open adoption with a family in Washington state of opposite race , who promises i will soon see her one day who knows when that will really be???And last but not least my last child(zoe 1) is residing with me, I started child support but he will not pay and now is facing jail time for a armed robbery..My situation: I am currently homeless with my child we have been from hotels, police stations, strangers houses, shelters and now a temporary refugee with my god mom, her dad was abusive and i stepped out in Jan...he refuses involvement with her, my second can not return until i can get a place and keep it for 6 months...Upon leaving her dad I enrolled in school for culinary arts but due to my situation i was dropped from the class 3 days before graduation, I'm doing everything in my power but I'm stressing my self to sickness every way i turn doors or closed or i don't qualify..I have no transportation to get around yet alone to even see my daughter in Montgomery...i am currently receiving intensive therapy services but everyday is a fight not to end my life.