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Regulations Concerning Child Abuse

I chose to take a stance on the current laws we have to protect children. This subject is important to me not only as a parent to a beautiful little girl, but as well as an individual who has scene unfortunate results from children being abused and strongly believe that children need a voice. There was recently a new bill coded SB131 that was made to allow children of sexual abuse to make claims against their accusers past the age of 26. Both the senate and house of representative approved this bill however, unfortunately, was vetoed by California’s governor this weekend. An unsettling correlation between the rights slave owners had to their “property” and the rights parents have to their children was given as an explanation for why Govern Brown felt appropriate to veto the bill. Though this vetoed bill serves as upsetting, this does not defeat my efforts nor does it discourage future plans on this manner. In efforts of making a difference in this area I chose to be proactive in educating others on this topic, there is a youtube video titled “Kelsey’s Story” that shows a very unfortunate story of a little girl who lost her life to being abused by a step parent in the house while her father was away in active service. I chose to use this story to show to others to help gain an understanding of the current issues that are occurring and with the hopes that seeing this would spread awareness and increase involvement. I also involved myself with Emma’s Center that is located in Eureka that is a program that provides help to women and children who have been abused. I gained insight on current laws concerning child abuse, it was here…