child addicted to love Essay

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Health 107
April 11, 2014
Detaching love When a teenager is in love it is usually very powerful. There are many emotions that run through them, that they may or may not be able to cope with, if something were to go wrong it could completely break down a teenager. That being said, if I had a teenager daughter or son that was in love with a drug addict I would panic because not only could it lead my child into doing drugs but it could also break them down mentally. I would begin by asking my child questions like why are you attracted to them? What do they have to offer you? How can this person help you be a better person? Etc. My child will also know that he or she could not change the person addicted to drugs, an addict is selfish and will always put themselves first.
Furthermore, I would let my child know that when people are on drugs it alters whom the person really is, so how would you know you love someone when you don’t really know who they are? Its not only the addict that is in denial the person in love with the addict is too. I would let my child know that it is okay to feel the need to help them, but at the end of the day it is up to them whether or not they want to get help. I would explain the different emotions that my child could go through like anger, depression, and/or acceptance, and that you’ll be fine and life goes on.
After having a long talk with my child and they still wanted to stay with their loved one, I would then talk to the addicts parents. I would not talk to the addict because that could cause lots of tension between my child and I, it would also make my child to continue to rebel against my wishes and date that person. Talking the other addicts parents would be more beneficial because then I could help them, help their child. Therefore, it would be benefitting both parties, the drug addict could have a chance to get help and my child wouldn’t have to be the only one trying to help. If the drug addict didn’t want to get help than hopefully my child would be smart enough to see…