Essay about Child and Young Person Devlopment

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g Child and Young person development
Physical development
Physical development is a very important area of child development. It’s the one that happens naturally. But you have to develop your skills in your own way. This will happen in many different ways.
They will start off learning how to do things such as crawling giving them some mobility. They will then move on to things such as pulling themselves up. Next comes a very big stage in child development they will learn how to walk. They can then start to use their hands and arms. For things such as pointing, grabbing and holding. In the 3rd year of the child’s development they will be able to do things such as writing, colouring, turn pages in books. They should be able to hold cups and eat by themselves. They will walk a lot better and will learn to run.
At this age child will polish the skills that they have already learned as well as starting to develop their fine motor skills such as kicking a ball, throwing with accuracy, catching etc.
Children at this age will continue to polish many of the skill they have already learned as well as getting better at them by taking up hobbies e.g. football, dance, gymnastics etc. Development in girls will start to show early signs of puberty.
Young people will start developing their muscles getting stronger and quicker. Boys will now start going through puberty.
Girls will reach the end of their pubic development. Boys will continue up unitll there 20’s. Learning how to drive will start as a new skill
Communication and intellectual development
From the early stages of their development children will start trying to communicate. They will come out with noises as they cannot talk properly yet. By ages 1-2 children will start to put words together and start to make sense of their words. By 2-3 they will further their development by adding a more complexed vocabulary.
Children will start to use familiar words and phrases from influences such as people around them and the television. They will start to be able to use past present and future text. They will learn how to count at this age as well.
By this stage children will have polished the language they having been speaking since birth and will be fluent in another language if they have chose to.
Children will know their favourite…