Child Dev Essay

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Child Psychology

Children are special blessings. Oftentimes though, they are cause for much frustration, anxiety and confusion. When adults attempt to understand them, the results differ greatly. The first few years of a child’s development are fundamentally significant. Understanding the stages of development help a parents best assist their children in advancing. When one seeks to comprehend the thought processes and the reasoning of his child, he will be less judgmental and more understanding and will therefore be well rewarded for his efforts. Children are not out to “get us,” rather, they desire to explore their surroundings, and to be understood. Getting mad at children is often uncontrollable, but knowing there is almost always reasoning behind their actions can ease some of the anger. Every human has methods of obtaining what he wants, and children cannot voice what they wish for, therefore they often act out in response. Everyone wants to be understood. It is for this reason that I feel it is of utmost importance to learn about the development of a child. Having the knowledge of the intricacies and the thought processes of what makes them the little people that they are is crucial to properly dealing with them. Trying to see the world through their eyes and trying to comprehend their perspectives can only be beneficial to their caretakers. To aid children in their growth and to support them in their transitions to life, it is necessary to learn about them,