Child development chart Essay

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Child Development Chart

Physical Developement

Birth – 4 weeks
Lies on back with their head to one side
Head falls when they're pulled up
Start sucking

1 month
Heads still unsteady
Hands grasped in a fist
Grasps objects when put in the palms of their hands
Head and eyes move together
3 months
Start to kick their legs and wave their arms
Watches movement of their hands and starts to play with their hands
Starts to hold a rattle slightly

4 months
Uses arms for support when lying on stomach
Turns from back to side
Holds on to and shakes small items

6 months
Starts to sit with support
Starting to roll over
Start to push themselves up off the floor
Passes toys from one hand to the other

9 months
Sits without support
Reaches out for toys
May start to shuffle or crawl

1 year
Stands without help
May start to walk
Enjoys feeding themselves
Start to show preferred hand
Crawling and shuffling a lot more

18 months

Can walk independently
Pushes and pulls toys when walking
Squats to pick up objects from the floor
Can use a spoon
Pulls off shoes
Assists with dressing and undressing

2 years
Walks up and down stairs with both feet on one step.
Climbs on furniture
Uses a spoon for self-feeding
Draws circles and dots
Builds a tower of six bricks

3 years
Stands and walks on tiptoe
Jumps from low steps
Pedals a tricycle
Undoes buttons
Builds bridges with blocks when shown

4 years
Can aim and throw and catch a large ball
Walks backwards
Can brush own teeth
Buttons and unbuttons clothes
Builds a large…