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Duration: 1-2 hours
Sources used: Note-pad and camera
Method of observation: Participative

Description: Meal at the Shropshire inn in Haughton to observe his social skills e.g. table manners (good/bad) and his interactions with family members.

Aim: To analyse his social skills at his age and capability now against the norms chart- Also to analyse his social skills needed to interact with others. This will give me an opportunity to observe his mixing with other adults and children, also sharing and accepting rules. Doing observation 2 at The Shropshire in will allow me to observe him at meal time in an unfamiliar environment, assessing his table manners, eating politely and using please and thank you.
Although Charlie was in unfamiliar surroundings he still wanted to do things for himself without being attached to his carer- and was able to play no his own awaiting the meals arrival. Also when people had starters he wasn’t adamant to have any and be the centre of attention and got on with his own activities, showing his good table manners and acknowledging the surroundings and his manners needed suited. Although when he was approached with trying the starter he was shy to try it out which shows he is still shy around unfamiliar surroundings.

During the observation I was baffled as his skills for his age go against and above the norms chart of what he should be capable for his age. He is expected at two years of age to eat with a spoon and a fork and he is also expected to play alone. Example: looking and trying to understand the pictures in his magazine. Previously he had heen couloring and reading smaller books.

Throughout the meal Charlie would say please and thank you but with assistance to do so although he understands what it means as he occasionally said it without prompt.

At meal time he was able to use an adults fold and knife with a palmer grasp. This gives acknowledgment that me understands what materials to use at meal time. Saying ‘knife’ with no please, saying just the key words of the full sentence an older child would of used. Although for his age (2 years) he should be using a spoon and a folk at meal times, therefore he has jumped into a 3 year olds tier.
He exclaimed ‘mmm’ after putting food in his mouth repeatedly, this gives me understanding that he understands about what meal time is and it is an enjoyable experience.
Although after a while he had given up with the knife and used his folk with a tripod grasp to eat his meal.

After a while he had given up with his dinner and had had enough and asked for pudding. This gives me acknowledgement that he knows the format and order of meal times, but his understanding of others and manners were not so good. This lead to him being told “no”, he understood this (rules) and