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Child Labor

When you were little did you like to play with toys or watch movies? Well did you ever think that there are kids in the world with no toys or TVs or even a place to live. Instead of having all of that fun stuff they are forced to work all day everyday in the hot sun or in big factories. This is called Child Labor. Child Labor is the employment of children 18 and under, they do work that harms them in some way. These children have the same rights as everybody else in this world. Some of these rights are the right to life, to not be tortured, no slavery, workers rights, and the right to play and rest. You may think this only happens in places like Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. No, child labor happens all over the world. Some of these Children travel all over the world when they are being sold and bought. One major place this is happening is Indonesia. Hundreds of thousands of girls and some boys, some as young as seven, are employed as domestic workers. One story that stood out to me was a 5th grader living in Dallas, Texas. It wasn’t the first time this girl had gone missing. The reason why she disappeared this time was because she flunked the 5th grade so she was scared of being punished. The girl was only twelve and she ran away from home. Three weeks later police found her in a downtown area working at a stripper place. According to the police and her parents she was taken off the streets into the home of two men. They say the two of them forced her to work in their home as a maid and also made her work at the stripping place. Police say she was physically and sexually abused. A group that I found that helps out with children rights was UNICEF. UNICEF was found in 1947, over 60 years of helping save children. Some of the work they do is