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Child Obesity In today’s society, the child obesity rate has gotten a little out of hand. Most people will say it is the child’s fault, but at the same time, some will say that it is the parents’ fault. In reality it not only the parents’ fault, but also it is the fault of American society. As a society we need to stop catering to children: they should exercise more and eat less. Such as, depending on the age of the child, making them walk or ride a bike to school. Just because there are more and more families with stay at home moms, dads, grand parents, or even great grand parents, does not mean that just because they are home, they have to give your child a ride to school, or extra curricular activities. Now, if they were to live outside of town, that would be a different story. When parents’ tell their child to go eat breakfast, you just assume that they will get the right amount and have the common sense to only make what they can eat but really they don’t know the difference. Also, just because some children can eat up to six waffles every morning, does not mean it is okay to let them eat that many. I could see allowing them one or two, and then giving them a banana, or some yogurt if they are still hungry, but just multiple of one item is not healthy, nor a good habit or routine for children to get into. The younger parents teach and encourage them to eat healthier, the better. The sooner they will catch on, the better choices they will make on healthier food and snack choices. Of course for the first few years or so, they would need some slight assistance, but there is also a point in time where they need to learn how to do it on their own. Not only eat healthier but also exercise more.
Mrs. Obama passed a law that schools have to start feeding their students with more healthy foods. The students get smaller portions of food on there trays and we have to have at least one vegetable and fruit. The reason she passed this law was because of child obesity. I honesty don’t think this is going to help child obesity at all. At my school,
I feel like we get no food anymore. A lot of the students go to Jet Stop and eat lunch because they know they can have as much as they want. The food at Jet Stop is very fatty, which means the kids are gaining weight just because they don’t get enough food at the school. You also see students going to the school for lunch and then walking up to Jet Stop because they are not full and need more food. By schools feeding their students less food it is not helping child obesity at all. If anything kids are gaining weight because they don’t want to go to the school for lunch.