Child Obesity Is An Epidemic Affecting Our Society In A Frightening Manner Essay

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Child obesity is an epidemic affecting our society in a frightening manner. The risk factors of child obesity trigger the tendency of obesity in adulthood. Medical professionals warn that we must prevent and treat weight problems in childhood to prevent disorders, and diseases associated with overweight later in life. I have always been concerned about nutrition and how what we put in our mouth can affect us later in life, being raised in a household with a diabetic parent I became more concerned about how eating style can affect our system. I believe that the whole system is the one to blame about this epidemic in our society. We live in a commercialized society where starting from the media, and the whole commercialization of products in order to bring their profits up is also correlated with the spike on the numbers of obesity among our children. The video was totally on point this is the price that we as a nation are paying. I also think that the children close circle like their house hold plays a role, but at the same time through socialization at school or other different environment children are being influenced with different eating habits than those learned at the household. Our children model all they see and this is why their peers and society in general has such a weight on their eating habits. In the video by HBO one of the girls being interviewed says “my generation is growing craving a Big Mac, this statement is just one of many examples of how our children really feel about food. We are raising our children to be unhealthy , and it’s time that someone do something about it. The first lady Michelle Obama seems very concerned with this topic, reason why she started the Lets Move program. I consider that as a whole our nation needs more programs like this and more awareness to parents. Also the media should promote better eating habits among children. Also, the school system should incorporate programs or classes about the importance of proper nutrition since an early age of their life. Lastly, I would promote more activities outdoors in order to get them to socialize in a healthy way which would benefit them in healthy way. he national and international epidemic of childhood obesity is on the rise at an alarming rate. According to the Journal of the America Medical Association,