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Frequently Asked Questions
3 September 2014
FAQ’s regarding a career as a child protection social worker
1. What is a child protection social workers job description?
❏ Provides assistance to abused or neglected children and their families.
They help ensure that troubled children are being cared for properly, so they can grow up to become happy and well­adjusted adults
2. How much money does a child protection social worker make hourly, biweekly, monthly, and annually?
❏ A child protection social worker makes $31.70 ­ $37.97 hourly, $2,536.00 ­
$3,037.60 biweekly, $5,494.67 ­ $6,581.47 monthly and $65,936.00 ­
$78,977.60 annually.
3. What should a social worker major in?
❏ A social worker must major in health related majors such as; such as psychology or sociology.
4. What type of degree is a social worker expected to have?
❏ A Bachelor of Social Work degree is required. However, a Master of
Social Work is preferred for work in clinical centers.
5. What is a social workers work week like?

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❏ A social works work week contains a lot of meets with families, paperwork, and emergency phone calls. They can be called at any time to show up to work due to an emergency such as; reported child abuse or child abuse investigation. Most social workers work from 9 to 5 every day, but most do work outside of their normal hours.
6. What is the state of California’s requirements towards becoming licensed?
❏ The state of California requires child protection social workers to achieve a license and a two year supervised clinical training certificate.
7. Does a child protection social worker have to go through a training period?
❏ Yes, child protection social workers have to go through a training period.
Two years of clinical training is required by most states. During their training period, they will learn specific techniques related to child protective work, including off­site assessments that determine the safety of the client, investigation, allegations of abuse, and trauma reduction.
8. Where can a child protection social worker work at?
❏ Child protection social workers can work alongside Child Protective
Services, Department of Children and Families, or