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I observed two children during child day, twins Kolby and Ethan who were 4 years old. The first station we went to was reversibility. Reversibility is the ability to understand if a relationship goes in one direction, it also can be reversed in the opposite direction. This skill is usually developed by the time the child is around 7 years old. I asked both of the kids about their relationships with their siblings. Ethan told me that Kolby is his sister and he was Kolby’s brother. This shows although he is only four he understands how reversibility works. I was expecting that he would know that Kolby was his sister but i didn’t think he would be able to understand reversibility Another observation I did with the twins was the conservation station.Conservation is the idea that when you change some of an object’s characteristics the volume of amount stays the same. I observed them in three different stations that all involved conservation but used different substances; water, Play-Doh, and blocks. The station with the water was definitely the most interesting. It took a long time before Kolby finally believed that the water levels were even in the two glasses of the same size. It was really cute to see how they really take it seriously and have to have it just perfect. After I poured the water into the taller glass both of the twins thought that the taller glass had more water. Their response showed that neither one of them quite grasp the idea of conservation. With the other two conservation stations they consistently did not exhibit an understanding of conservation and fell into the pre-operational stage defined by psychologist Jean Piaget. Another station the kids seemed to like was the counting station. They both demonstrated an excellent ability of counting as well as understanding more and less. Ethan especially enjoyed the little dinosaurs on the counting cards. Also in my spanish class earlier that day both twins were able to count to seven in spanish which i found quite