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Child Psychologist
Lillie Nephew
PHI.301-Thinking Critically
September 27, 2014
Independent University

Child Psychologist

This world is ever changing and along with the growing population, many changes such as taken placed such as the crime rate and abused of various kinds. With these issues, and having a son who is a victim of sexual abuse by his classmate family, has gotten me to come up with my dream job. I felt that being a Child Psychologist with give me a better understanding of what goes on in a child’s mind and how to help them overcome their fears and to start trusting people again. I would like to make my client feel special and that they can have a successful life. I like to work in an area that is quite and more of a relaxing environment.
Physical Setting and Environment My work environment would be in a clinical setting, with couches, animal pillows, toys for different age groups, board and card games and small furniture’s. I would have different types of fishes in a large aquarium. There will be a playground outside and a walking trail for talking sessions and to think out problems. There will be computer system with internet and faxing access and a telephone which, will be closely monitored by my office assistance at all time. There will also be one for client’s to play games and for educational purpose. My offices will have all up-dated technology for my computers such as, files, medical chart, court documents, references materials, and personal information on my client’s, such as insurance policy and financial statements. Everything in my offices will be focus and set to where the child can open up and getting to trust me.
Activities and Responsibilities My main responsibilities will be to work with minors that have emotional, mental health and behavioral issues. Most commonly children with disruptive disorders and children who have experienced sexual abuses and lot of times their family will blame themselves for the incident. In order to help the client, I will need to work on bring the family back together to start the healing process. I will evaluate, assess and diagnose children’s issues through interviews, psychological tests and analysis of the child’s history. I will need to communicate with other specialists that are involved with the child’s well-being. There will be referrals made to other available resources. I will provide evaluation for suspected child abuse cases, help in preparing children in giving testimony in court and to be an advocacy for my clients. My day would start with checking my appointments schedule, preparing for therapy sessions, and going over client’s progress charts. I will be making recommendation on child’s evaluation and assessments. I might need to appear in court or assist with other professional duties within my field. I will provide training in child psychology and other training for my staffs and parents.
Kinds of People Most of the people that I will we working closely will be the minors, parents, Clinical…