Child Psychology: Cognitive Development, And Psychosocial Development

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Child Psychology

• PG 9) The study purpose of three domains. Physical development, cognitive development, and psychosocial development.
• PG 10) Because people develop at different ages. Its hard to put a label on an age as to when a child becomes a full adult. Some boys mature quicker than other boys, some girls mature quicker than other girls and some girls mature quicker than some boys. In different societies it is custom for people at a certain age to be considered an adult. Through rituals and tribal events some males enter adult hood once finished with the event. So it is common for other cultures to think differently about when a child should be considered an adult.
• PG 16) The environment, in my
View plays a huge role in the person that you have grown into. There are so many factors that you have to take account for. The ethnicity group that you were raised around, the education level, poverty, the crime rate, and so on. I think that a person could be different from who they are today depending on where they grew up and the factors that need to be considered.
• The terrorist acts that happened on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 have significantly molded my way of thinking. I have grown up in a military family, moving from military base to military base my whole life. To see what my father had to go through by losing so many friends in both the twin towers and the pentagon and knowing that my friends had to go through the pain of losing a father or mother because of the acts of terrorism have impacted me in a great way. My family lost good friends on that day. Then after the attack was over, my dad’s division and many others were sent