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Independent Study Unit; Child Sexual Abuse There many different types of abuse against a variety of people. Although this may be the case children are the most vulnerable and this makes them an easy target. The different kinds of abuse all effect a child mentally and physically. Sexual abuse child abuse, effects those areas but in a more concentrated matter. It has a micro and macro aspect to the child and also the family. It leads to a new life that goes against family norms. The purpose is to understand the perspective of someone that has experienced this situation. As well as to understand the impact it may have on a family as it does affect every single member. It is to look past the biased opinions of the situation and understand from the inside. It is important to study sexual child abuse for a variety of reasons. Majority revolve around the idea of that the impact it has on a child lasts forever. It also affects various systems including mental and physical health. Knowing the affect it has, it is important to understand the problem to be able to find a solution.
What is Sexual Child Abuse? A lot of professionals are certain about the definition of child sexual abuse. Very few people question the idea of forced sexual acts, this is mostly because there are variations in the definition and they differ among professional disciplines. Child Abuse is the harm and endanger of a child’s survival, safety, self-esteem, growth and as well as the development of a child (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2012). Sexual child abuse specifically is harassment and sexual activity upon a child, it includes things such as touching genitals, sexual exploitation, voyeurism and many other physical violations (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2012).

Statistics In Canada the second most recorded violence against youth is sexual assault. In 2008 the last collected data it was recorded that over 13, 600 children were victims of reported sexual offences (Statistics Canada, 2012). 59% of those victims were under the age of 18. It was also recorded that the sexual abuse against youth was 1.5 times higher than young adults aged 18-24. There are different levels of sexual assaults and level 1 sexual assaults added up to 80% of the police- reported violence. Some of the more serious sexual assaults such as assault with a weapon lead to 1% of the reports. Some assaults such as sexual interference or touching was 19% of the reported files (Statistics Canada, 2012). Sexual child assault has no gender preference both males and females are targets. Although this may be the case 82% of victims tend to be female (Statistics Canada, 2012).

Emotional Impact on the Child Over the years as sexual child abuse has increased to about 80,000 reports per year the concern of suicide of sexually abused children has also increased (n.a., 2011). A child who has been a victim of sexual abuse tends to feel worthless leaving them to have low self-esteem, this also causes them to not trust adults of any kind (n.a., 2011). To many these may seem as small symptoms but these things lead to suicide. They believe that it is a last resort to all their problems. Although suicide is not the only effect of sexual abuse. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Self-Harm, Depression and many more are also after effect of sexual abuse (RAINN, n.a.). Children do not choose to be victims and the certainly do not choose the after effects. Mental and physical disorders have become one the scariest after effects. As some were mentioned before they have also been some more serious ones such as Dissociative Identity Disorder, Stockholm syndrome, Borderline Personality Disorder and the list goes on (RAINN, n.a.). These disorders are a fused into their brains leading to a long term effect. They have no way of medicating to remove the disorders but only ways of controlling them as to the short term effects that can be solved through perseverance, support and counselling. About 80% of children who