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How much does the average American know about Child Soldiers? The use of Child
Soldiers was brought to awareness to Americans in the mid­90’s. Child Soldiers are being used because the lack of leaders wanting to spend money.It just happens to be cheaper taking children away from their familes and use them as a Child Soldier, as compared to hiring and paying an adult. The countries that currently still use Child Soldiers include: Columbia, Congo, India,
Iraq,Israel ,Thailand ,Somalia ,Sudan ,and Syria according to Jo Becker, author of “ U.S. Must
Enforce Ban of Child Soldiers”. This should be cared about because its beginning to get out of cost, and out of hand to be controlled. To end the use of Child Soldiers, people need to be aware of a solution, and that is to simply buy an album to help the process of rehabilitation, so that they do not join back in the near future. There are many causes to come up with what causes the use of Child Soldiers, perhaps three most important ones. Child Soldiers has also been able to continue on because countries are constantly fighting.The lack of leaders wanting to spend money is one of the many contributions because children are cheaper to provide for, and are easier to use as soldiers, especially under the influence of drugs. Another important cause is forced recruitment, which is where children are abducted and have no choice to join the military. The last important cause is voluntary recruitment. Which is where children flatout volunteer because it gives protection and a place to stay.They may also volunteer because of poverty or even in some case “food” according to

There are many effects, and some were tremendous. One effect is, “The Obama administration… keeping back 2.7 million in foreign military financing for Congo”, according to
Jo Becker, author of “ U.S. Must Enforce Ban of Child Soldiers”.This means this country will have less money for protection. A second effect is more drug use, and Child Soldiers are psychologically affected by having to join. A third effect is an economic effect by voluntary recruitment which destroys jobs, because no money would be going to the government to keep everything running. The problem with Child Soldiers needs to be solved because it is getting out of hand. This is a warning that things are getting worse, and can lead to an unpredictable future. There are many solutions, but one in particular that can make a big difference. Everyday people can contribute to this solution.“Buying an album of songs about Child
Soldiers.”( It can be bought at a local store, or online. This helps influence Child Soldiers to not want be a Child Soldier basically, and changes the way they used to think, while in rehabilitation. The solution is possible, because in even more depth, rappers tend to be more influential to Child Soldiers, and grabs their attention, as of a family member trying to sit down and talk. In the Democratic of Congo, the the Child Soldiers International